Sunday, January 21, 2018
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About the Program

Buffalo Halfway House, Inc., incorporated in 1983, was formerly known as BUILD's Halfway House, founded in 1974 by Eugene L. Pierce under the sponsorship of the BUILD organization. The halfway house is a not-for-profit agency. Originally the programs were funded by the Erie County Office of Criminal Justice Planning and the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA). To its credit, the halfway house was cited as a model for New York State.
The Buffalo Halfway House, Inc. has maintained ACA certification since 1983.

Continual contracts since 1974 .
Transfers from Federal Correctional Institutions
Offenders who have served a portion of their sentence in a federal institution and will complete the confinement portion in the community center.
Direct Court Commitments
Offenders designated by the court to serve their entire term of confinement in the community corrections center.
Supervised Cases
Probationers, Supervised Releasees, Parolees, and Mandatory Releasees are designated to participate in the community correction center program as a condition of the type of supervision as noted above.

115 GLENWOOD AVENUE BUFFALO, NY 14209 PHONE: (716)882-0027 FAX: (716)882-2429